7 Tips For Website Maintenance That Every Business Should Know

Jun 15, 2020

What is Website Maintenance for Businesses?

Website maintenance for businesses that provides website security, monitoring, analytics, management of a blog, social media, and much more. This service provides changes and updates at the request of the business owner.

Website Maintenance service includes

  • Hosting management
  • Domain renewal and management
  • Traffic analysis
  • Business email setup, support, and monitoring
  • Blog posting
  • Image optimization
  • Video optimization
  • Page landing speed

And much more …

Here are some main tips you have to check for your website.

1) Test Device Compatibility Semi-Annually

  • Over time there are compatibility issues with websites. As a result, your website does not work properly on the latest devices. Therefore, It is a good idea to test your site on the newest devices along with Google chrome, internet explorer, Firefox, and Apple Safari.

2) Refresh Your Website With New Content On A Regular Basis

  • Keep reviewing your static content for corrections or updates. In case you need to add blogs or updates the blogs regularly, this will be good for SEO ranking. Firstly content updates will help to increase your website traffic.
  • Secondly, the policies and terms conditions pages also need to be updated for legal issues. If there is a page regarding service agreement or contracts regarding services then that also needs to be updated on a regular interval of time.


3) Check Website Backups

  • Website backup quarterly will be a good idea for any business. If you can able to do a backup every month then it will be the best idea and your business website can be more secure with it. This will minimize potential data loss in the case of disastrous events.


4) Take Care Of The Website Speed

  • If your site is taking unnecessary time to load, then you are in big trouble and you need to do something about it with no delay.
  • There are many ways to speed up your loading website. if you can hire a professional for that then it will be an easy process for you.
  • You can use Google Page speed tools for testing the loading speed of web pages.


5) Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

  • Make SEO friendly website like adding meta descriptions, an improvement of title tags, optimizing keyword, etc. this will give your website good ranking on the search engines. This will help you to get more clients.


6) Keep checking broken links

  • You need to check broken links on a regular interval basis. The link which is not working will irritate users and it might cause client loss. So make sure you do routine check-up for all broken links and remove them.


7) Website Analytics

  • It is very important to monitor your website analytics once in a day or two. To get updates about your statics of visitors coming and the conversation. If the visitors are coming to your website but actions are not taking place then you must be careful and analyze your website.



Creativity has no end. Keep updating it regularly. When you need to manage your online presence you need a company that is going to invest the time to understand who you are, what you do, and what you offer.  JDWebital is always there to provide business website maintenance and other services at one place with reasonable pricing.

Don’t venture with your online presence, talk to one of our experts today who can suggest the right plan for you, or devise a custom solution to meet your unique needs.

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