Business Tips For Marketing During COVID-19 Pandemic

May 9, 2020


Due to coronavirus, many businesses have been forced to close and most have 100% remote workforce.

We can think about this situation in a positive way and we can know more about and get into for marketing in Google and Facebook. This may be the moment that we can’t let it pass by. Here are some tips to help many businesses to come out of the COVID pandemic situation.

1) Invest in Digital Marketing

  • Many businesses stop doing marketing for some time, which means this is the time you can drag the customers/clients at your side. It’s like slow and steady wins the race. Don’t take a break to do digital marketing of your business. This time will definitely help your business to grow up.
  • This is the time you can invest in your digital marketing much more. So you can be ambitious and gain an advantage in the months and years to come.


2) Review and Allocate your Marketing Budget

  • Social gathering and trade shows are not an option during the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you are planning to invest your money in such a thing then now this is the time to alter this budget to Digital Marketing.
  • If you are not promoting your business in-person then this is the time you can invest that money in Google Ads or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This way you can increase the website rank on google and this investment generates very strong once business returns normally.


3) Change your Delivery Method

  • Establishing and/or enhancing your ability to service clients with less physical interaction is essential to managing your business through the coronavirus pandemic. For that, you have to establish an online business to serve your customers.
  • Many businesses can run online, e.g.

Local Retailers:  Can deliver goods to customers instead of people coming into their store.

Beauticians/Spa Businesses:  Can promote their products instead of services since they can’t see people in-person.

Dentists/ EyeCare/Any Professionals:  Can offer virtual consultation instead of in-person consultations.

Other Business: Offer discounts coupons and take up-front payment and when the business starts normally customers can use it and get a discounted price than the normal price.

      These are the examples you can try for your business to run continuously during this phase too.


How can JDWEBiTAL help?

In these challenging times where implementing new strategies quickly is critical, it pays to do your own research on each and every tool and check which one suits your business. An experienced JDWEBiTAL team can offer an efficient way to get your specific items executed.

JDWEBiTAL has the expertise to help you in:

– Website Development
– Digital Marketing
– Branding
– Website Maintenance

Note: As I mentioned earlier, this is a scary time for all businesses. But if we think about these points we can better use this time to grow our business. As Peter Drucker says –
“Business has only two functions – Marketing and Innovation.”

Stay Safe and Stay at Home!smile

Do you want to upgrade your business digitally? We are providing FREE Consultation!

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