Website Design: Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong

Jul 11, 2020 | 0 comments

Things you’re doing wrong with your website design

When it comes to creating a design that boosts conversions and generates revenue, many businesses continue to struggle. Your website needs to be appealing, but it also needs to make money. 

Thankfully, avoiding mistakes that hamper a website’s growth is possible by identifying and correcting them. As a result, leads, traffic, and sales can be increased significantly. Let us now discover some of the mistakes.

1) Design Mistakes

  • Missing Responsive Design

Responsive design meaning everyone can use your website no matter what device they use. Like desktop, mobile, tablets, and iPads.

  • Favicon Missing

So many of us always using multiple tabs while browning, and they leave the tab open to check it later on. With favicon, visitors are able to access your site using signs of your website.

  • 404 Error Page

404 pages are silent traffic killers. An informal survey of 3,475 users showed that the vast majority of users don’t even try to take positive action to resolve the problem.

  • Slow Speed

To keep visitors happy, Google recommends a loading time of 3 seconds. Also, the popular search engine assesses a site’s speed via its own set of metrics, which include: Time to first byte, start to render, loading accomplishing, document completion, loading accomplished, file requests.

2) Typography mistakes

  • Such as Unclear Font, Inappropriate Tracking, Kerning & Leading, Excessive Fonts, Contradictory Fonts.

3) Content Mistakes

  • Your Content Isn’t Focused On Visitors

If content marketers only focus on their business and how great they are. This will ignore goals, fears, problems, etc. This will decrease credibility and make it harder to convert visitors into customers

  • Content Not Scannable

While visiting the website, visitors only go through the text. Don’t have to limit the text but yes, we have to create content that scans easily for any visit. Like,                                                                                            –  Subheadings
–  Text formatting
–  Short paragraph
–  Numbering or Bullet points

  • Ugly Usage of  Whitespace
  • Poor Grammar

3) Usability Mistakes

  • Not Responding to Visitors Questions
  • Poor Search

3) Navigation Mistakes

  • Visited Links Color Not Changing
  • Invisible Navigation Menu
  • Difficult Navigation

3) Graphics Mistakes

  • Generic Images
  • Inappropriate Size & Scale
  • Unresponsive Image Size
  • Not Supporting Browsers
  • NO Image Compression
  • No Browser Caching
  • No Metadata

3) Legal Mistakes

  • No Privacy Policy
  • No Return Policy or Warranty Information


This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s a great starting point if you’re looking to create a profitable website. Creating an attractive website is important, but it’s also important to create a website that makes you money. JDWebital is always there to provide business website maintenance and other services at one place with reasonable pricing. Don’t venture with your online presence, talk to one of our experts today who can suggest the right plan for you, or devise a custom solution to meet your unique needs.


What kind of website design mistakes have you run into recently?


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